On this “Pale Blue Dot” lies mere specks of life. Our bodies, only a fleeting cluster of cells. One moment here, the next gone. Turning into the very dust one treads on. Ah, this impermanence! But Eternal remain those words, acts; Of all the Greats who lived. While attempting to better their present, They often… Continue reading Eternal

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Breathe. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Repeat !

I just felt like writing this given the pulse of our planet. I’m sure all of you agree that this Pandemic has definitely taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. Do what you have to, to keep scary, depressive thoughts at bay. It’s definitely challenging but not impossible. People are right when they advise us… Continue reading Breathe. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Repeat !


Problems with the Body Positivity Movement.

The Body Positivity Movement started with the intention of helping Women (mostly), build more confidence with respect to their appearance, which is always subject to scrutiny and criticism. This was possible by helping them overcome eating disorders, love themselves and their bodies, not conform to the so-called “beauty standards”, maintain a fit body & mind… Continue reading Problems with the Body Positivity Movement.